Primark Opening Times

Primark, known as Penneys in Ireland, opened its first shopping store in Dublin in the late 60ths. Primark was a big hit from the start. Four more stores were added to the retail chain within the first year of operation. It became apparent that further expansion was necessary to enable a steady growth. Belfast, Northern Ireland, got its first Primark in 1971. Two years later, in 1973, Primark decided to open its first store in the United Kingdom. Since the opening of this story in Derby Primark opened additional stores rapidly. Currently, the UK enjoys 161 Primark stores. Nowaydays the retailer has shops in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. Primark succes is based on a simple rule: offering fashionable clothes for low prices.

Are you looking for Primark Opening Times across the UK? On you find official Primark locations and opening times. Check out all UK locations via the map below.


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