Primark Inverness Opening Times

If possible, try dropping by the Primark in Inverness at opening times and you should be able to take your time to shop. At these times, like 8:30 in the morning from Monday to Saturdays and 10:00 on Sundays, the store is relatively quieter with not many other shoppers around. During the rest of the day, typically, the store is packed with customers and there are long lines at the tills.


The fashion giant, Primark has faced criticism, perhaps, more than its fair share, probably because of its immense popularity. For instance, there has been news of its manufacturers in the Asia employing kids in the workshops or that the workers toil in sweatshop conditions for pitiable wages. Primark has answered every one of these allegations. They maintain that they have a strict Code of Conduct in place and if the manufacturers are running their factories in such conditions, it is without the knowledge of the global company. Primark has been known to cancel contracts with such companies.


But, the Primark in Inverness has a fresh issue to deal with. Greenpeace and studies conducted by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) have revealed that the clothes marketed by Primark contain traces of nonylphenols (NPs). These chemicals are known to interfere with the balance of hormones in the body and are used by Chinese and other far eastern manufacturers during the dyeing of the clothes. European countries (other than those belonging to the EU) are also using it.


These chemicals find their way into the river after the garments are washed and can create havoc with the environment. The River Irvine has already shown levels that are above the safe limits and environmentalists fear that the chemicals can harm birds, fish and other wildlife. In response, Primark has responded by announcing that by way of the Primark’s Detox Solution, they are now working with Greenpeace. By 2020, they intend to rid their garments of the hazardous chemicals completely. It will interest you to know that there are other global giants that have also had their products tested positive for the toxic chemicals.


That being said, customers can always trust Primark to answer the issues that come up against them and work to eliminate them. And, aside from the opening times at Primark Inverness, you’re likely to see customers in large numbers shopping at the store.


Have you shopped at the store recently? What are your opinions of the news? Do you trust the company to deal with the issues? What has been your experience shopping at the Primark in Inverness at opening times?


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Primark Inverness Leeds Opening times –  Bridge Street

Primark Inverness Opening Times    
Sunday 10:00 17:00
Monday 08:30 18:00
Tuesday 08:30 18:00
Wednesday 08:30 18:00
Thursday 08:30 19:00
Friday 08:30 18:00
Saturday 08:30 18:00


Where to find the Primark Inverness Location?

16 – 18 Bridge Street, Inverness, IV1 1HF16 – 18 Location Primark Iverness Inverness Train Station parking primark Iverness Eastgate shoping centre11

You can call the Primark Inverness: 0044 1463 712 087

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