Primark Irvine Opening Times

The Primark in Irvine opening times are 8:30 in the morning from Monday through Saturday and on Sundays, the store opens at 10:00. Primark arrived in this city of Scotland in March 2007, when the company opened its flagship store at the Rivergate Centre. The outlet covers an area of 47,500 square feet and offers customers the trendiest of fashion for men, women and kids at very economical prices. The coming of Primark in Irvine proved to be a turnaround for the town that became a shopping tourism destination within the next four years or so.


Hotel owners were pleased to see the sudden surge of tourist footfall from countries in the Eastern Bloc like Dublin and Latvia, and other countries in Europe. Earlier, hoteliers like Andy Tremble that relied on the visiting golfers from Scandinavia, was concerned when Ryanair cancelled flights from the region. Business fell from up to 750 golfing tourists to 120 a year. But, Primark in Irvine has more than made up for that shortfall. And, hotel owners are surprised when guests arriving at the Prestwick Airport reveal that they are in the city mainly to shop and look for the opening times of Primark in Irvine.


The owners of the Rivergate Centre have been more than pleased that Primark is causing a huge draw. They are also welcoming coach parties with passengers heading straight out for Primark. The Rivergate Centre hosts more than 50 other top brands and has a great selection of restaurants and cafes for shoppers that also seem to be doing great business thanks to the presence of Primark. The Centre now also offer free Wi-Fi.


Should you chance to visit the Primark in Irvine at opening times, you can not only shop at leisure but also make use of the WI-Fi to send updates to your friends on the latest of fashion trends available at the store. If you have put together a fantastic look for the next party you’re attending, how about you share it with us.


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Primark Irvine Opening Times – Unit 46, Rivergate Centre

Sunday 10:00 18:00
Monday 08:30 18:00
Tuesday 08:30 18:00
Wednesday 08:30 18:00
Thursday 08:30 19:00
Friday 08:30 18:00
Saturday 08:30 18:00


Where to find the Primark Irvine Location?

Unit 46, Rivergate Centre, Irvine, KA12 8EH Location Primark East Irvine Irvine Train Station, Station Road , Irvine parking primark Irvine Rivergate Centre, Irvine, KA12 8EH Phone: 0044 1294 322 890

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